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Provide a surrogate or placeholder for another object to control access to it.

Class Diagram



  • Proxy
    • maintains a reference that lets the proxy access the real subject.
    • provides an interface identical to Subject's so that a proxy can be substituded for the real subject.
    • controls access to the real subject and may be responsible for creating and deleting it.
  • Subject
    • defines the common interface for RealSubject and Proxy so that a Proxy can be used anywhere a RealSubject is expected.
  • realSubject
    • defines the real object that the proxy represents.


  • A remote proxy can hide the fact that an object resides in a different address space.
  • A virtual proxy can perform optimizations such as creating an object on demand.
  • both protection proxies and smart references allow additional housekeeping tasks when an object is accessed.


  • when you need a more versatile or sophisticated reference to an object than a simple pointer.